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New technologies applied to information management and the automation of machines and processes come to stay and evolve. And they have evolved at a speed never before seen, continually transforming the ways in which Men live and produce.

So, 4.0 Industry and Internet of Things (IoT) - citing only two examples - are transforming "truths" that until very recently, were immutable.

Aligned with this dynamism, MRP Smart Solutions has been created to be a "factory of innovations", with a committed and prepared Team to initiate and foment new cycles of technological disruptive evolution, influencing and breaking the paradigms that prevent or restrain these evolutions.

Paulo Rocha - CEO and MRP Smart Solutions Team

Our dedication to innovation runs throughout everything we do!

Our first Enterprise is an unique and specialist Project!

MR-Premium Project has been preceded by years of research, experiments and validations, culminating in the conception of an unique and innovative know-how, which together with the state-of-the-art of cognitive programming and deep learning, has fostered the development of new and superior systems, with innovation being the only way to provide a definitive solution to the problem of its target market: the industries that operate and demand by Make-to-Order Production!

So, We invite you to know our portal, MR-Premium Project and its first product - Thinker - hoping that in the end, We will have the privilege of get your Contact!

Sincerely, Paulo Rocha and Team - MRP Smart Solutions